Db converter tool to convert database from MySQL to Microsoft SQL server software modify all basic attributes, keys constraints (primary, foreign), different values (null, default, and index) to new MS SQL database utility migrate entire or partially selected MySQL record

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MySQL to MS SQL Database Converter Tool

MySQL to MS SQL Database Converter Tool perform database conversion from database records created in MySQL to MS SQL database server. MySQL DB converter provides classic mode option to convert earlier version of MySQL Database. Software can convert views and table definitions.

Database migration software support conversions of large or bulk database records or user’s selected particular database table records of MySQL server to MS SQL DB server. Support indexes and primary key with all necessary attributes and data types with option to save converted database records at user specified location.

Price: $45
MS SQL to MySQL Database Connection

Above screen displays connection wizard to connect MySQL DB to MS SQL DB Server.

MS SQL Table Attributes Selection

After connection select table attributes as per requirement. And click next to proceed.

Choose your Database Records

Choose database from left panel and tables from right panel. Write name for converted MS SQL Database. Click convert button to proceed.

Select your views

Select views from the left panel and add them to right panel. Click confirm button to proceed.

Database conversion

Above screen displays ongoing process of MySQL to MS SQL conversion.

Confirmation message

After conversion, a message window will be displayed “MySQL to MS SQL conversion completed successfully”.

Software Features :